Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lovely Wedding Dinner Special For My Lovely Wife
on 22nd December 2008

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Baby Ivy

My neighbour's daugther Baby Ivy is a cute 3 years old small girl. I met her when she and her friends playing outside the house. I directly back home to take my dslr to simple shoot her cutety actions..

May god bless as to have a cute baby like this...!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bangunan Yayasan Sabah

Honey KK Trip With Lovely Wife

Just take the holiday time to have a short and simple trip with wife to her hometown, at Kg Bambangan Baru, Inanam. As i saw here happiness all the day from Keningau until Kota Kinabaly City instead of she is a long time didnt went back to hometown since Chinese New Year holiday. I really can feel the release of homesick in her smallest heart; then it make me reailze the chance to her to go home as often as can. Because of that, we started our journey with happiness and lovely.

Before went home, we had a great shopping at 1Borneo and not forgoten the Big Apple donut, it's a shopping time without any work preasure which is not like usual. Esther bought her lovely leather hand bag and i bought my dreaming Camel shoe.

Any way it's a raining day all along the way we back to Kg Bambangan Baru. Thanks to Gods that the raining stopped once we reached her home. As i feel the happiness among Esther and family, not forgoten, i quickly take out my Sony Alpha DSLR to have a simple shoot of them.

Here u are, can u see my wife happiness smile with the background of Mount Kinabalu. This is the nice view at Kg Bambangan Baru which located on about 2000ft above sea level.

Since my wife is a quite shy, and i am try to ask her for so many time been my model but she dont want. Any way it is a surprice for me, she agree to be a simple model for my photo shooting.

We walked around the village in the cool everning to meet all friends and relatives. Really feel the friendly among people in Kg Bambangan baru. That's the style of my wife. The day almost dark, this is the view i took; The Mount Kinabalu view from Kg. bambangan Baru. When the day came darker, this is what i got....The Golden Sunset.

This is one of the destination..The Kasih Syang Resort located not so far from Esther's home and The Mari-mari Cultural Village which are actually opened for oversea tourist.

Instead of my wife is a quite shy girl, and as a model she still the new, and me also quite new as a part time photographer..without any correct possing direction,and non-experienced model..we took photos that in our mind are "puas hati" oledy lah...! It's not show the great skill of photography but just the feel of love and happiness among both of us..May God Bless Us with a peacefull,lovely and happy family..

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr.Principal-Time To Say Goodbye

Is the time to say goodbye to our school's principal Mr. Ng Kah Ghor. Since the 1st curriculum meeting, Mr. Ng told that he recived a call from Unit Perjawatan, KK; that he will be transferred to SMK Pekan Telipok. oh..!what a sad news started the meeting on that day.

Every body turned down their mood, it was a non-accepted news for us because all of us feel that, is not the time to let Mr. Ng leave us now.

Mr. Ng started be a principal since 16 February 2002, Sm Ken Hwa on that time was a very terrible school, very bad environment especially on fizical infrastructure. The school overall just like a Safari (Jungle). Students Academic performance also very bad; the SPM 2001 shown SM Ken Hwa result is the 3rd school from the bottom and the PMR passing percentage result never above 50%.

After 7 years, we are now very proud to be one of the members of SM Ken Hwa, everthing changed "360 degree". Our school now be the most popular school among schools in Keningau. Our school enviroment changed into a condusive enviroment not only for students but also for all teachers and staffs. This all of greated plan and effective action from Mr. Ng during the NG DYNASTY.

Our principal actually was a strict but friendly person, very committed on his work and concerned about the development of the school. Since 7 years ago, he spent more that half of his 7 years life to the school. He touch us about the work with mission and vision, work smartly as a professional teacher and more and more.

Since i posted to SM Ken Hwa on November 2003, i been one of the teacher to handle all the school's profiles and achievements. So mostly the time, Mr. Principal will ask me to ready the presentation for his speech, and most of the time were about the school's latest development; so i had looked the developments of Ken Hwa from a bad school (we call as sinking school) until a effective school. Because of that, our school won the "Anugerah Sekolah Harapan 2006", this is a valuable award for us and we are proud of that.

More than that, we worked smartly on the year 2007-2008 for the "Anugerah Sekolah Cemerlang". Although we didn won the National Level Award but from the examiners we are still the best in Sabah. On the year 2007, i m also very proud because our principal won the Pengetua Cemerlang Award,which we share the hapiness of the award. 3rd Mach will be the last day for Mr. Ng at Ken Hwa, all of us are so sad on that, since we fell that we have mission together with him, and we really feel that we are now missing a kapten of a ship to guide us to out destination. Any way, what can we do? It is the reality that we need to accept. We wish all the best to Mr. Ng in his new school and thank you very much for everything....Goodbye...may god bless you with healthy and happiness.

***important : My English is not very good especially the grammer,and i am now learnig to create news and blogging; with this blog,i hope that i can also improve my english..hahaha..to all English teacher or who are talented in English; Please,please,please write down the comments and correct my mistake.Thank You!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Charles : My Valentine's Day

14th of February - The Lovely Valentine's Day is coming tomorrow...! For Esther and me (Charles) are the 1st time for us celebrating the valentine's day as husband and wife. Of cause, feel romantics and happiness since we just married 8 weeks ago! Since few days ago, some of my friends asking me how am i going to celebrate my valentine's day for this year. Hahaha..i just laugh and answered them "i never celebrate my valentine's day!". They comments me "So..bad..!"

Esther and me been a couple since 10th May 2003, that time i m doing my teaching practicum at SM St. Michael, Penampang and Esther doing practical at Lembaga Pembangunan Perumabah Berhad (LPPB). From a common friend we became a couple. I still remember, on 10th May 2003, when i having teacher's day party at Sutera Harbour, i received a common call from esther and on the same time esther agreed to be my girl friend. Hahaha..such a "super happy" of me on that time. Since that time, we always together where ever we go. Until Jun 2003, i had posted to Keningau, it's really separated us, we can only meet once a month.

With in 5 years been couple, i never have time to celebrate the valentine's day with esther and i never bought even a rose to esther. Only a belated presents to esther. May be people outside there will feel that i am very bad right?

Any way, i am proud to say that i have a good girlfriend 5 years ago and have a good wife right now. I happy to say like that because, esther is the most understanding girl. Since 5 years, she never asking compulsory or oblige me to celebrate valentine's day with her. I still remember, she told me that "she is really appreciated the days i went to KK to meet her, and that were the lovely valentine's day for her." So since 5 years ago, we not need to wait for 14th Feb as a romantics and lovely day; but the day i meet her every months is the most lovely day for us.

While we are collecting money for marriage, in the same time, my company started to grow; of cause have to facing a lot financial problems. Until sometime i need to pick a bit my saving to solve the company's problems. Ha..! it is really hard, nervous, and tensions. Any way, esther still at the back support me. Most of the big day (special holiday or festivals), i really can't spend my time with esther, i got work to do just because of business purpose. Although sometime i saw her sadness, but what can i do?This is all for our future. Any way, esther always understood what i am doing.

Until the year 2007 and 2008, my company is growing stably, esther also doing hard (teaching, tuition), and we successfully collected enough money to get marriage. it is a not easy way to get until today, we had faced a lot problems, trouble around us, but finally we fighted all the trouble and finally we had been husband and wife.

The 1st Food Presentation with 3pcs Lobsters by Chief Chef at Keningau

Until now, we are really appreciate all the days we being together, we are sending present and gift to each other any time we like. Until 22nd December 2008,i am happy to design a special wedding dinner for us ( all the cards, graphics design, events, decoration; i design myself ), and that is all special for my lovely wife - Esther

Any Way Wishing All Couples Happy Valentine's Day..and plan your wedding early..and DON FORGET to CHOOSE www.mysound.com.my..!

I sing for more than 50 couples, but this is the 1st time i sing specially to esther. It's A Sweet Memorable Scene

***important : My English is not very good especially the grammer,and i am now learnig to create news and blogging; with this blog,i hope that i can also improve my english..hahaha..to all English teacher or who are talented in English; Please,please,please write down the comments and correct my mistake.Thank You!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keningau Wu-Shu Association

Keningau Wushu Association formed few years ago as a committee to carry out the sport of Wushu among young generation in Keningau district. Since the formation, few of talented youth expose their self in the sport of wushu; like Mr. Amizan, SM Ken Hwa ex-student had been selected to represent Sabah in the SUKMA in the year of 2006 at Kedah.

Nowadays, Wushu Keningau concentrate their self in the Dragon, Unicorn and lions dance during Chinese New Year and become the first Dragon Dance Team and North Lions Dance Team at Keningau. Since year 2008, Keningau Wushu was looking for the donation for education developments, such as SK (c) Cheng Meng, which is facing the financial problems on improving the water supply system in the school. Until now, they (more than 40 members of youth) are quite busy with their performance schedule all around Keningau conducted by Mr. Kenny Wong also the coach of performance and Mr. Lee - the best guider.

Today, i received an information from a friend (Mr. Lee) that; they are getting ready for the performance at Guang Ji Buddhism Temple which is the most famous temple among the Buddhis in Keningau. So i directly drove to the temple with Charlie and lovely wife not forgetten Sony Alpha for the next photograph session which is quite challenging and interesting for me. Here are some of the photos took;

***important : My English is not very good especially the grammer,and i am now learnig to create news and blogging; with this blog,i hope that i can also improve my english..hahaha..to all English teacher or who are talented in English; Please,please,please write down the comments and correct my mistake.Thank You!